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Welcome to Wecht 2015!

Welcome to the official site for Judge David Wecht's Candidacy for The Pennsylvania Supreme Court!

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Future Pa. Justices on Display

October 26, 2015News Clip

The judicial course and partisan makeup of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will be mightily affected by the election in less than three weeks of three new justices for the state's highest court.

If you're confused about whom to vote for (and who isn't), you can get a decent look at the seven contenders by watching the debate held Wednesday evening sponsored by Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts.

The 90-minute forum is streamed on the Pennsylvania Cable Network site here.

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Supreme Opportunity

October 25, 2015News ClipDavid Wecht... "has a breadth of judicial experience unparalleled in the field..."

Three hundred eleven years ago, the last time Pennsylvania's highest court had three vacancies, their replacements were up to the royal governor and, by extension, the queen. The three court vacancies to be filled on Nov. 3, two of them due to scandal, don't reflect the best work of the democracy that determines the composition of today's state Supreme Court. Dramatic reform, not to say another revolution, is in order.

Fortunately, Pennsylvanians have the power to reshape the court this time, as well as a field of promising candidates to do so.

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For Supreme Court: The best choices are... Wecht

October 25, 2015News ClipDavid Wecht... "impressive breadth of experience...commitment to restoring integrity and ethics to a court tarnished by scandal"

The election of a justice to sit on the state Supreme Court is one of the most important decisions a voter can make. This year, Pennsylvanians get to choose three on Nov. 3.

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For Pennsylvania Supreme Court: Elect David Wecht

October 22, 2015News ClipDavid Wecht... "is the exemplar of what an appellate judge should be."

(Exerpts from endorsement article)

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court continues to be roiled in unprecedented fashion. Yet another justice apologized last week for trading inappropriate emails. A year ago, a justice resigned for that same predilection. Two years ago, a justice was convicted of campaign corruption. Now come seven candidates seeking a historic three open seats. We endorse...

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Supreme choices for Pennsylvania

October 13, 2015News Clip

For the first time in a long time, Pennsylvanians will have an opportunity to vote to elect three Supreme Court judges in the commonwealth. And in this opportunity, the choice before voters is significant.

The bottom line is that we must have a court that stands up for working people at a time when special interests are attempting to cut wages and undermine the rights of workers in Pennsylvania. The candidates in this election present a very clear contrast on these issues, and the choice for working people is clear.

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